Black, White and Red all over tour!

The Black, White and Red all over tour offers 50 years of stand up experience. Kim Sherwood's energy make Dane Cook look like Steven Wright his look at relationships, geography and couponing makes him the white. A veterrn of clubs across the Midwest and a regular at the Funnybone. Clay Miles' look at life is shaped by his kids and his time in Afghanistan, as well as his roles I such filjms as Tears of the Sun, where he made Scharzenegger look like a computer nerd which makes him the black, Clay is a regular at the Comedy Zones as well as all over he east coast, Homer Shadowheart's ancestory and health makes his voice as unique as a howling dog, which was his grandfather's name which makes him the red.Homer's been in clubs and festivals across the country including Comedy Zones and the Boston Comedy Festival. This combination of talent will prove that racial harmony is impossible, but at least we're having fun. Black, White and Red All Over Tour this is what comedy should be.